BC202 Instrument Cluster Construction Vehicles
BC202 Instrument Cluster Construction Vehicles
BC202 Instrument Cluster Construction Vehicles
BC202 Instrument Cluster Construction Vehicles
BC202 Instrument Cluster

Menus can be designed, input polarities can be adjusted, complex behavior algorithms can be implemented and most of the vehicle related parameters can be configured via our PC software.

  • Designed and manufactured in Turkey.
  • Semi-programmable digital instrument cluster.
  • Buttons on left and right are touch buttons (much longer product life).
  • Programmable via computer. Configuration settings can be uploaded or downloaded with computer software.
  • Compatible with all fuel sensors, engine and ambient temperature sensors. Sensor parameters can be configured via computer software.
  • Standby current consumption is only 0.3mA.
  • TFT screen area can be customized to use as company logo, indicators and for messages.
  • 28 pcs LED indicators.
  • Automatic light intensity adjustment (easy on the eye).
  • Speed, RPM, PTO RPM, ambient temperature, real time clock, fuel level, engine temperature, PTO modes,
  • odometer, trip meter, total engine hour meter, trip engine hour meter and engine malfunction codes can be shown on product.
  • Optionally can be produced with up to 27 digital inputs, 3 analog inputs, 2 frequency inputs and up to 2
  • output with protection.
  • Compatible to all CAN-BUS protocols.
  • Buzzer and RTC are included.
  • Certificated IP66 grade housing.
  • Easy locked connector and springs at 4 sides provides additional security.
  • Quick montage (no screws needed).
  • Your own logo can be printed on the product and all indicator colors can be customized.
Contact us to discuss the details
Contact us to discuss the details

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Operating Voltage 9V-16V DC
Operating Temperature -25°C / +70°C
IP Grade IP66 (From Front Side)
Vibration Resistance Grade 5g (16-50 Hz / 0.5mm)
Electromagnetic Test Grade ECE R 10
Stand-by Current Consumption ~0.3mA
Display Type TFT
Max. Digital Input 27 pcs (Alternator input has 320mA excitation current.)
Max. Analog Input 3 pcs
Max. Signal Input 2 pcs
Max. Output 2 pcs
Total Indicator 29 pcs + TFT
Mating Connector AMP 929053-1
Dimensions 256 x 140 x 44 mm
Housing Material UV resistant PC + ABS
Installation Easy Installation via 4 Springs
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