Our Products We Provide Best In Class Engineering

Best-in-class instrument clusters, speed sensors and DC-Converters for diverse industry needs.

Instrument Clusters

Instrument Clusters

Bestaş's vision stands out with its equipment, experience and investments in product... EXPLORE

Speed Sensors

Speed Sensors

Reliable and accurate solution in Reverse and High Current Protected Speed Sensor. EXPLORE

DC converter

DC converter

As we continue down the path of more efficient designs, you can look to us to meet y... EXPLORE

Onboard Chargers

Onboard Chargers

The OBC's are built to resist hard environments and can be installed in any rugged a... EXPLORE

Our Key Values
  • R&D
  • An adaptable, innovative brand
  • Highest quality, best price
  • Functionality 
  • Long-term, lasting solutions partnerships
Developing Projects Specifically For You Developing Projects Specifically For You

At Bestaş’ state-of-the-art facilities, our experienced, skilled, and well-trained technical staff work not only on today’s but also on tomorrow’s goals. Prioritizing R&D to maintain our brand vision and reputation, at Bestaş we place equal value on the quality of our products.

Compatibility and Adaptation Compatibility and Adaptation

As a brand that anticipates, acts quickly and adapts to the needs of the times, technological developments, and all the expectations and demands of the sector, at Bestaş we aim not only to stay ahead of our competitors, but also to achieve our own vision.

The Know-How That Makes Us Produce with Lower Budgets The Know-How That Makes Us Produce with Lower Budgets

In order to become the only and most important player in a competitive market, we strive to become better each and every day without compromising on quality and while offering our customers the best prices possible.

Technologies that can be developed with R&D Technologies that can be developed with R&D

By analyzing end users’ expectations and industry needs and producing the most functional products with the most user-friendly design and features, at Bestaş we distinguish ourselves not only through our quality and prices, but also through our fully programmable and customizable products in our drive to expand our customer base.

We Value Our Partnerships in Long-term We Value Our Partnerships in Long-term

With our quality standards, after-sales customer service, solution-oriented approach that focuses on customer satisfaction, and capacity for innovation, at Bestaş we build real partnerships with our customers, aiming at long-term cooperation rather than short-term profits.

ABOUT US Leading Product Development in Worldwide

Making a name for ourselves since our establishment in 1983 as a solutions partner to the leading brands in the automotive industry, at Bestaş we are characterized by a forward-thinking, foresighted, and proactive approach that allows us to quickly adapt to the demands of the times. 

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