Products for Electric Vehicles;

At BESTAŞ, we specialize in OEM component manufacturing for electric vehicles, offering innovative solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the automotive industry. Our product range includes state-of-the-art digital instrument clusters, designed for seamless integration and optimal user experience. We also provide highly efficient DC-DC converters that ensure reliable power management and extend the operating life of vehicle batteries. Additionally, our hall effect speed sensors are precision-engineered for accurate speed detection, contributing to enhanced vehicle safety and performance. Trust BESTAŞ to deliver high-quality components that drive the future of electric mobility.

World Wide Leading Product Development

At BESTAŞ, we are at the forefront of global innovation in OEM component manufacturing for electric vehicles. Our commitment to excellence in product development is reflected in our advanced digital instrument clusters, efficient DC-DC converters, and precise hall effect speed sensors. These components are meticulously designed to meet international standards, ensuring compatibility and performance across diverse markets. With BESTAŞ, customers around the world benefit from our expertise in driving technological advancements and our dedication to sustainable automotive solutions.

Developing Projects Specifically For You The Know-How That Makes Us Produce with Lower Budgets

In order to become the only and most important player in a competitive market, we strive to become better each and every day without compromising on quality and while offering our customers the best prices possible.

Developing Projects Specifically For You Technologies that can be developed with R&D

By analyzing end users’ expectations and industry needs and producing the most functional products with the most user-friendly design and features, at Bestaş we distinguish ourselves not only through our quality and prices, but also through our fully programmable and customizable products in our drive to expand our customer base.

Developing Projects Specifically For You We Value Our Partnerships in Long-term

With our quality standards, after-sales customer service, solution-oriented approach that focuses on customer satisfaction, and capacity for innovation, at Bestaş we build real partnerships with our customers, aiming at long-term cooperation rather than short-term profits.

Our References

At BESTAŞ, our reputation for excellence is underscored by our esteemed partnerships within the automotive industry. Renowned manufacturers such as Türk Traktör, Otokar, BMC, Anadolu Isuzu, and Tümosan rely on our OEM components for their electric vehicles, reflecting our strong foothold in the market. These collaborations are a testament to the reliability and innovation of our digital instrument clusters, DC-DC converters, and hall effect speed sensors. Each partnership leverages our advanced manufacturing capabilities to enhance vehicle performance and sustainability, making BESTAŞ a trusted name in OEM component production.

Components for Electric Vehicles

BESTAŞ specializes in providing top-tier components essential for the functionality and efficiency of electric vehicles. Our digital instrument clusters offer clear, customizable displays that provide drivers with real-time information on vehicle performance and conditions. The DC-DC converters we manufacture play a crucial role in power management, efficiently converting and distributing vehicle power supplies to ensure optimal battery usage and longevity. Additionally, our hall effect speed sensors deliver precise and reliable measurements of the vehicle’s speed, contributing significantly to safety and performance. Together, these components are integral to enhancing the electric driving experience, reflecting BESTAŞ’s commitment to innovation and quality in the EV industry.

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